RIGOL's DS1202Z-E - The best value in Oscilloscopes extended to 200 MHz

Capability and Value for Basic Time Domain Visualization

  • 200 MHz Bandwidth
  • 1GSa/sec max Sample Rate
  • 24MPts max Record length
  • 2 Analog Channels
  • External Trigger
  • 16 kPt memory FFTs
  • 60,000 Frame Waveform Record and Playback
  • Standard Serial Trigger & Decode:
    • Parallel
    • RS232
    • I2C
    • SPI


Starting at just $369 USD

Uncompromised Performance at an Unprecedented Value

The DS1202Z-E extends our most popular Oscilloscope series for engineers who need more bandwidth to accurately characterize their signals.

The DS1202Z-E is built on the DS1000Z UltraVision platform that includes: deep memory, serial decode, and memory FFTs. With 200 MHz of bandwidth and a 2 channel plus external trigger configuration, the DS1202Z-E provides an affordable oscilloscope to engineers and hobbyists who need to verify higher speed signals.



High Speed Signal Fidelity

The DS1202Z-E brings faster rise times to the lab bench. With a 10-90% rise time specified at just 1.75 nanoseconds, this oscilloscope more accurately visualizes higher speed signals including serial data transmissions, clocks, and dynamic events. To the engineer this means finding a subtle signal or timing issue the first time and ultimately resolving issues more quickly.

Learn more about how bandwidth and rise time are connected in this video from Basics of Scopes.


Frequency Visualization

The DS1202Z-E includes Fast Fourier Transform capabilities that include up to 16 kPt FFTs. A Fast Fourier Transform converts time data to frequency information to help engineers locate hidden signals.

Serial Decode

All new DS1000Z series scopes include standard serial trigger and decode capabilities including I2C, RS232, and SPI. The higher bandwidth of the DS1202Z-E makes it easy to visualize higher speed serial data. 

Learn more about how serial triggering and decode is used to debug embedded signals with the DS1000Z series oscilloscopes.

Deep Memory

The DS1202Z-E comes standard with 24 million points of memory. This enables long captures of slower or repeating events without sacrificing sample rate. Capture a signal at full sample rate for up to 24 milliseconds without gaps.

Learn more about how sample rate, memory depth, and capture time are related in this Basics of Scopes video.

Pass/Fail Analysis

As you capture and visualize signals of interest, use the Pass/Fail capabilities to overlay critical test limits for comparison to the active channels in real-time. Use the mask functions to adjust the pass/fail limits to meet test requirements for repeatability. Pass/Fail testing is a great visual tool for debugging analog signal in real time. 

Click below to visit the Basics of Scopes Library that includes videos on more than 35 DS1000Z functions and capabilities.

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