Application support speeds debug of today's customer challenges

Embedded Debug

Embedded designers are confronted with ever increasing debug challenges.  Faster clocks, smaller power envelopes, smaller footprints, and more complex signal modulations create increasing  challenges such as timing errors, noise, and signal quality. 

With category leading performance specifications, 7 integrated instruments including logic and protocol analysis, with advanced navigation and analysis tools; the RIGOL 7000 Series Digital Oscilloscope will quickly become the tool of choice for mid-range embedded design applications

Power Analysis

With today's portable, high performance designs optimizing power performance is at a premium.   RIGOL delivers a full suite of Power Analysis tools allowing engineers to quickly integrate switch mode power supplies and optimize battery life.

The 7000 Series Digital Oscilloscope has integrated 14 key measurements associate with switch mode supply development and integration.  In combination with current and voltage probes as well as our Ultra Power Analyzer Software suite RIGOL delivers a comprehensive Power Analysis toolkit

RF Applications

The RIGOL 7000 Series enhancced FFT capability delivers unmatched RF analysis capability in a mid-range oscilloscope.  With Detailed FFTs utilizing up to 1M points of memory, intuitive spectrum analysis controls, up to 4 concurrent FFTs and a intensity graded color FFT to show signal probability the 7000 Series is a perfect choice for engineers needing to integrate RF components, do preliminary EMC testing or needing to evaluate harmonic conditions. 

Learn why the DS7000 is the most powerful Oscilloscope in its class

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