UltraVision II Architecture delivers outstanding system performance

The 7000 Series UltraVision II architecture delivers outstanding instrument performance through an advanced hardware design

  • Custom Phoenix Chipset
  • Xilinx Zync-7000 SoC
  • Dual Core ARM9 Processors
  • Linux +Qt OS
  • DDR3 (SSTL15) Storage Memory
  • QDRII (HSTL18) Display Memory

Phoenix Chip Set

The core of our UltraVision II architecture is RIGOL's new proprietary Phoenix chip set.  There are 2 new custom ASICs powering the 7000 Series acquisition and signal processing system

The Analog Front End Chip(named Beta Phoenicis) will allow for front end bandwidth of 4GHz with highly integrated capability allowing for simplified and highly reliable front end design.

The Signal Processing Chip (named Ankaa) supports 10GSa/s sampling with bandwidth up to 6GHz 

Waveform Capture Rate

High waveform capture rate limits the amount of instrument dead-time that occurs when the instrument completes signal processing and data display.  This dead-time can result in missed signal events.

The 7000 Series delivers an impressive waveform capture rate >600,000/wfms/sec.  But more impressive is that due to the power of the UltraVision II architecture the capture rate has minimum degradation even when  multiple instrument functions are enabled. 

Transient Visualization

Color Grade visualization modes make it easier to see transient or hidden events and patterns in the analog signal.  In addition Enhanced Color FFTs bring additional insight to your RF analysis

Timebase Accuracy and Trigger Jitter

Timing accuracy is essential for accurate long record length captures.  UltraVisionII combines a +/- 2PPM timebase Accuracy with with our high sample rate to deliver  a stable and accurate signal with minimal jitter.

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