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UltraVision II Oscilloscope free bundle promotion

Maximize the analysis capability of your new instrument.  Purchase any UltraVision II oscilloscope and receive a free bundle option when you register your product

RIGOL Promotions Registration

MSO8000 - Get free Jitter Analysis, Protocol Analysis,  Generator and Power Analysis (a $2,199 Value)

MSO7000 - Get free Protocol analysis, Waveform Generator and Power Analysis (a $1,999 Value)

MSO5000 - Get free Protocol Analysis, Waveform Generator and Power Analysis (a $699 Value)

DS7000 - Get free Protocol Analysis and Power Analysis (a $1,999 Value)

Offer valid on purchases between 10/1/2019 and 9/30/2020

Note:  the MSO5152E does not qualify for this promotion

Temporary Price Reduction on select UltraVision II models


8000 Series

  • MSO8104 (1GHz) now $8999 (10% reduction)
  • MSO8204 (2GHz) now $9999 (23% reduction)


7000 Series

  • DS7034 (350MHz) now $4550 (35% reduction)
  • DS7054 (500MHz) now $6500 (35% reduction)
  • MSO7034 (350MHz) now $5395 (35% reduction)
  • MSO7054 (500MHz) now $7345 (35% reduction) 


5000 Series

  • MSO5204 (200MHz) now $2099 (22% reduction)
  • MSO5354 (350MHz) now $2899 (27% reduction) 


offer valid on purchases between 4/1/2020 and 9/30/2020

5 Year Warranty on the DS1000Z Series

Purchase a new DS1000Z Series oscilloscope and register at the link below to extend your warranty for 2 extra years

Eligible Models

  • DS1054Z
  • DS1074Z PLUS
  • DS1074Z-S PLUS
  • DS1104Z PLUS
  • DS1104Z-S PLUS
  • DS1202Z-E


The following conditions apply:

  • Customer must register at the link below
  • Valid Only in the USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Valid on units purchased from 4/1/2020 through 9/30/2020
  • Valid only if purchased from RIGOL USA directly or from one of our authorized distributors
  • Customer must provide a valid serial number, date of purchase, who purchased from and your original receipt/invoice

DS1000Z Warranty Extension

offer ends on 9/30/2020

RSA3000E EMI Bundle Promotion

For a limited time RIGOL is offering an EMI Bundle option with the purchase of any RSA3000E Spectrum Analyzer.

The EMI Bundle option adds a set of NFP-3 Nearfield Probes and the EMI analysis option to your Spectrum Analyzer order at a significant savings:

Purchase Option RSA3E-1.5GHz-EMI-BND with the RSA3015E or the RSA3015E-TG for $400 ($998 Savings)

Purchase Option RSA33E-3.0GHz-EMI-BND with the RSA3030E or the RSA3030E-TG for $200 ($1,198 Savings)

Bundle Option must be purchased at same time as the RSA3000E.

Offer ends on 9/30/2020



UltraReal Spectrum Analyzer Advanced Analysis Bundle Promotion 

For a limited time RIGOL is extending the capabilities of your new Realtime Spectrum Analyzer.  Register at the link below to receive your upgrades.

Purchase a new RSA5000 Spectrum Analyzer and receive a free 40MHz Real Time Analysis upgrade and a a free Pre-Amplifier option

Purchase a new RSA3000 Spectrum Analyzer and receive a free 25MHz Real Time Analysis upgrade and 1 1Hz RBW upgrade

note: Not available on RSA3000E, RSA3000N, and RSA5000N Models

Offer valid on purchases made between 4/1/20 and 9/30/20

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Temporary Price Reduction on select models of the popular DSA800 Series Spectrum Analyzers

For a limited time RIGOL is reducing the prices on our most popular Spectrum Analyzers.

  • DSA815 now $999 (17% reduction)
  • DSA815-TG now $1099 (15% reduction)
  • DSA832E now $1699 (15% reduction)
  • DSA832E-TG now $2199 (15% reduction)


Offer ends on 9/30/2020

DC Power Products Have never been more affordable

For a limited time we have reduced the price of our DP800A and DL3000A Power Supplies and Loads by 20%.  Maximize your instruments capability by upgrading to the A models.

  • High Resolution
  • Color Displays
  • Improved SLEW Rate
  • Communications
  • Digital IO


offer ends on 9/30/2020

Temporary Price Reduction on the DG4000 Series Waveform Generators

For a limited time RIGOL is reducing the prices on the DG4000 as follows:

  • DG4062 (60MHz) now $799 (17% reduction)
  • DG4102 (100MHz) now $899 (13% reduction)
  • DG4162 (160MHz) now $999 (23% reduction)
  • DG4202 (200MHz) now $1499 (20% reduction


Offer ends on 9/30/2020

IoT Design Challenges Seminar
Register to check out our new IoT Webinar Series.
Topics Include:
  • Debugging Serial Communication
  • RF Sensor Integration and Demodulation
  • Characterizing Power Requirements
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