DS1000Z Digital Oscilloscope

The DS1000Z Series is the new economic level Digital Oscilloscope from Rigol to meet the customer's applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. The DS1000Z 4 channel oscilloscopes come in 50, 70 or 100 MHz versions with a 7 inch display and Rigol's UltraVision technology as well as a host of options. Add the optional analysis, decoding, deep memory, and integrated 2 channel waveform generator for a powerful 4 channel scope at an exceptional price.
Product Feature Customer Benefit
Up to 1GSa/s Max Sample Rate Provides fine resolution and signal detail
Up to 24Mpts Record Length Allows for long time capture to help find elusive problems in complex digital streams
16 Digital Channel Logic Analyzer capability Efficiently debug complex system interactions and digital timing issues
Integrated 2 Channel full function 25MHz generator Reduces need for an additional generator, saving equipment cost and bench space
30,000 wfms/s Waveform Capture rate Provides deep insight into your signal behavior and measure accuracy
Multi-Level intensity graded display Observe events that occur more frequently over time.
Serial Triggering and Analysis Options Speeds analysis and debug of your I2C, RS232 and SPI designs

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50 MHz
70 MHz
100 MHz
Analog Channels
Sample Rate
1GSa/s (Single-channel), 500MSa/s(Dual-channel), 250MSa/s(Fulll-channel)
Max Memory Depth
12Mpts(standard) ,24Mpts(option)
Max. Waveform Capture rate
Up to 30,000 wfms/s
Real Time Waveform Record and Replay
Up to 60, 000 Frames(Opt.)
Std. Probes
RP2200 150MHz BW Passive Probe:4 sets
Built in 2 Ch Source
No No Yes No Yes
MSO Models Available
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $315 $469 $659 $619 $809
Ultravision Logo
  • Deep Memory
  • High Waveform Capture Rate
  • Multi-Level Intensity Grading Display
  • Hardware Waveform Record
  • Advanced Analysis Features
  • Models starting at $399

Rigol Logo DS1000Z

Tektronix DPO/MSO2000B

Agilent DSO/MSO2000X

Max Sample Rate

1GSa/sec (single channel)

1GSa/sec (all channels)

2GSa/sec (half channels)

Record Length

12M points (24M opt)

1M points

100K points (1M opt)

Waveform Capture Rate

30,000 wfms/sec

5,000 wfms/sec

>50,000 wfms/sec

Serial Triggering and Analysis

RS232, I2C, SPI

I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, RS232/422/485/UART


Integrated Full Function Generator

2 Channel 25 MHz


1 Channel 20 MHz

Digital Channels





DS1000Z Starting @ $399
MSO1000Z Starting @ $835

DPO2B Starting @ $1290
MSO2B Starting @ $2230

DSOX2000 Starting @ $1260
MSOX2000 Starting @ $1993

Across portfolio Rigol offers savings of up to 60% vs. Tek and Agilent

Uncompromised Performance…
Unprecedented Value

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